Vanguard has been performing at various museums in the south of England

and has a regular programme of Home Front workshops and performances at the D-Day museum in Portsmouth, The Submarine museum in Gosport and the Winchester museum.

By using actors and dramatic interpretation the public's perception of a museum and the displays can be enhanced.

A school's visit to the museum can be made more memorable.

A chance to handle items, dress up, experience an air raid and put out imaginary fires.

Home Front Experience 
D-Day Museum Portsmouth

Baby's gas mask

How to use a baby's gas mask

Evacuee Bomb     In a museum


"It really does bring history alive to new generations." - Portsmouth News

"It is great that the children can see real items from the past. Being able to touch them and re-enact the scenes certainly brings the experience to life." - St Swithin's School

 Victorian Workshops
These workshops were taken annually at the    City museum in Portsmouth. Schoolchildren were invited to experience what life was like in Victorian society. They will have a chance to inter-react with the actors depicting Victorian characters and Victorian artefacts.

Victorian dress 

Victorian Costume

The cane

Victorian Discipline

Radio Days
Regular performances were taken at the D-Day museum in Portsmouth for the general public and private bookings from day centres.







The Lambeth Walk


Over By Christmas
World War One remembered in drama, songs and poetry, taken annually at the D-Day museum in Portsmouth on Remembrance Sunday and at the Winchester Arms Museum.
Two survivors of the bloodiest conflict ever seen remain in their trenches facing the uncertain future of peace.


Life in the trenches 

WW1 poetry  

World war One - poetry


A special dramatic event performed at Priddy's Hard in Gosport, allowing the general public to inter-react with sailors of the era.



Mariners 1805 

Press-ganging a councellor

Submariner (1914-18)
A dramatic presentation concentrating on the submarine career of Admiral Martin Dunbar-Nasmith and the World War One submarine E11. Performed at the Gosport Sumarine Museum.


D-Day Diaries
An actor portrays a World War Two private relating his stories of the greatest military invasion in history and what it meant to him.Performed annually at the D-Day museum in Portsmouth.