~ Arts in Health ~

The aims of the Company in taking nostalgic work into residential homes, shetered accommodation, day centres and hospices is to serve an area of the community with quality entertainment that cannot afford to go out to live theatre due to financial or social exclusion. Participation is encouraged wherever possible. 

It also has a therapeutic value in allowing elderly people to actively reminisce in the comfort of their own homes.

Since 1996, the Company has performed over 5,095 residential & nursing homes, sheltered accommodation and day centres to well over 100,500 elderly and infirm people.

The Company were incorporated into the Hampshire County Council's ACTIVE HEARTS programme taking high quality arts activities to older persons in residential and nursing care settings. However the Council's funding ceased and Vanguard has continued with the work by approaching the homes independently.



Apart from being entertaining, carers and medical staff have commented that the shows have great therapeutic value.


"The show provoked animated discussion for weeks afterwards among residents who are normally not particularly forthcoming"

It affords valuable "reminiscence therapy" It has indeed been a prescription for pain, speeding the healing process and stimulating the spirit. - quotes from carers and medical staff.


In the words of one elderly lady in a Worthing home:

 " Thank you so much, it made me forget the pain"

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The shows on offer can be found in the list of our current and Christmas shows.  These are specially adapted for the homes and can be tailored to individual needs. 

The running time is 60 mins but can be tailored for shorter or longer. 

The shows are specially popular for Christmas and birthdays.


 Participation and joining in with the singing and dancing is all part of the "reminiscence therapy"