Authentic props and costumes are used in all our productions.

In our outreach work in schools and museums young people are able to inter-act with genuine artefacts and use them in role play.


1.Evacuee's case                                                                   10. A.R.P's First Aid Tin  

2. Children's "Mickey Mouse" gas mask                              11. Wooden rattle

3.Woolen jumper & balaclava                                                12 Blackout Torch

4.Identity card                                                                       13 & 17 Cigarette Cards -Royal Family. 

5. Ration card                                                                        14. Utility Stockings  

6. Robin Hood story book -1939                                         15.Baby's gas mask

7. Lady's handbag designed for gas mask                          16. Bucket & Stirrup pump 

8. Cigarette cards -Film Stars                                            18. Cigarette Cards -dogs

9. Warden's gas mask                                                          19. Teddy Bears  -1939 


Shows food, a shopping basket,washing powder and posters. 
A variety of World War II military headgear, a Land Army hat and a German helmet.

A selection of radios from 1930 -1950's

A selection of food, a guitar and posters from the 1950's

Film posters of the 1950's